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Bucky's Bunny Droppings
Wednesday, 17 June 2009
LI Rabbit Rescue trashes Breeders
Topic: Rabbit Rescue Sucks

News Story 9/19/07 about rabbits being dumped at the Massapequa preserve. A Long Island Rabbit Rescue rep is interviewed and gee, can't seem to resist trashing rabbit breeders. Figures.

 Nancy Schreiber the rep says her groups is offering $5,000 reward for information. $5,000 boy must be nice that group has that much money to offer as a reward vs using it to care for rabbits, well they "say" there is an overpop crisis shouldn't you need that money for that mythical overpop crisis?

In the article Schreiber goes on and on AND on about how it is probably a breeder or multiple breeders doing the dumping. Well, Nance here's the problem with your "logic", if there are no pet homes for breeder's rabbits or other breeders interested in them we have numerous sources to send to as meat. It would be totally illogical for a rabbit breeder to dump rabbits at some nature reserve. The demand for rabbit meat is always outnumbering demand. And a breeder sending rabbits for meat either for humans or for snakes or raptors get paid or credited with a tax donation for it.

Nance says part of her assumption is the rabbits might be breeder's "rejects". Again Nance we have meat outlets, no need to dump them in a preserve. I mean how much do you hate breeders to come up with such nonsense?

Also, when you assume you make an ass out of U and me.

And then she adds since the rabbits are all brown and white and have one ear up and one down that proves it's from a breeder. Okay I saw the picture in the news report, that rabbit does not look like any recognized breed. And one ear up one lopped, there is no rabbit breed where that is a desired trait. So once again we find "rescue" unfairly trashing and lying about breeders.

It works only because most people know nothing about rabbit breeding. If the general public knew you would see the numerous flaws in the LIRR groups logic as to who is behind this.

Hmm, mixed breed rabbits dumped in a preserve, seems logical to me that it's either a pet owner who needs to s/n their pets or more likely, a rabbit "rescuer" who does not have the resources to properly care for the rabbits. Sound fmailiar? Yeah go read the blog post about the New Mexico rabbit rescuer. There have also been reports over the years of animal "rescuers" caught dumping animals they have rescued in public parks.

Dear LIRR, clearly this is NOT a breeder but rather one of your own. So instead of attacking rabbit breeding-because we all know you hate breeders because you're competing with our beautiful healthy purebred bunnies and it's hard with what you offer plus the jump through hoops part, go find the "rescuer" who got overwhelemed and deal with your own kind!!!

Adoption-just a marketing term for buying from a shelter or rescue.  And never adopt while shelters and rescues trash breeders.

Posted by buckysbunnies at 11:55 AM EDT
Thursday, 4 June 2009
New Mexico Rabbit Rescue Bust
Mood:  celebratory
Topic: Rabbit Rescue Sucks

May 2009? Apparently an "independent" rabbit "rescuer" got into trouble with animal control. There aren't a lot of details, I wonder why? If this was a breeder there would be news coverage. My source is the HR$ page

I don't recommend HR$ but please, do look at that site and the picture of the over crowded unsanitary condition the rabbits are in. Now, was this how they were kept by the "rescue" or how they are kept after being rescued from the "rescuer"?

Where this took place we don't know other than New Mexico, it's amzing how this is being kept quiet, as it involves 135 rabbits. Supposedly the "rescuer" "rescued" rabbits from a breeder. What does that mean exactly? In any case the "rescuer" as the HR$ article states "did not have the resources to properly care for them."

Nice, boy I wish the media covered this because I have a feeling there is a whole lot more to this story. And gee, I guess rabbit "rescue" isn't so wonderful after all is it? How often do we hear them condemn breeders? Now it turns out their community has it's fair share of animal abuse.

Note few animal "rescues" or shelters are regulated. Yet they spend so much time pushing for breeder regulation. Please tell your legislators to regulate rescues and shelters just like pet dealers and commercial breeders. 

Posted by buckysbunnies at 2:19 PM EDT
I wish they would just outlaw selling pet rabbits
Mood:  incredulous
Topic: Rabbit Rescue Sucks

"I wish they would just outlaw the selling of rabbits that would force people to get rabbits from rescue or shelters." 12/10/08 Jerry Korman

The above comes from a rabbit "rescuer". People wonder why I hate rabbit "rescue", well it's stuff like the above that makes me wish we could just outlaw rabbit "rescuers". 

 Some people think animal "rescue' is a wonderful thing and we should place "rescuers" on pedestal. I say Bullshit, and the reason why is so well illustrated by our buddy Jerry.

They want to ban breeding rabbits, showing rabbits, eating rabbits, and selling rabbits as pets. But what exactly do they do? They offer rabbits to the public as a pet in exchange for money. They don't like it when we call that a sale but that is exactly what it is.

But also see how they want sales by anyone other than a shelter or "rescue" banned. They want to FORCE pet buyers to go to either a shelter or rescue to buy a rabbit.

So please people, if you want to retain a choice as to where you can buy a pet rabbit do not donate to rabbit rescue or animal rights groups like H$U$ or A$PCA. Do not buy from rabbit rescue while they try to remove your freedom.

Posted by buckysbunnies at 2:08 PM EDT
Updated: Thursday, 4 June 2009 2:30 PM EDT
Sunday, 14 September 2008
Tips on Breeding NDs
Topic: Breeding Dwarfs

I have alot of new breeders e-mail questions, and it's really hard to spend so much time answering those e-mails. I'm adding this new section to the blog. Or meet up with me at a show to ask questions.

First, join ARBA and ANDRC. Both have free guidebooks and the ANDRC Dwarf Digest comes quarterly to members and that has alot of good information. AFTER you read the guidebooks then ask specific questions of breeders.

Rabbit Production is another good book for any rabbit breeder-good medical info and general husbandry. You will also need to pick up some other good resources, a couple from Glenna Huffmon are The Complete Netherland Dwarf and she also has a color genetics book and a book with color pictures of all the ND colors (The Netherland Dwarf Color Guide). These reources are very important to the new breeder. They have lots of information and when it comes to color genetics you need to understand that and what not to breed together before you even start buying stock. The color guide will help you figure out what color your babies are.

 Next look around my pages, I have a general article on NDs, on the Bucks, does, and junior pages I discuss a bit about my breeding program, what I'm doing, results, what I look for, etc. I'm trying to include baby, junior, and senior pictures of my dwarfs. Looking at them may help you better understand how to evaluate & cull.

Also, before you start buying stock figure out about how big you want to be, not today but in the future. This helps you figure out many cages you want, even how many different colors. It is easy to end up with too many rabbits because there are so many ND colors. It's crucial to start small and have a narrow focus to your breeding program. It will take you a few yrs to really learn about breeding, evaluating NDs, interpreting the standard, etc. This is something you are always learning new things about btw. So figure out max herd size and let that guide you regarding how much new stock to buy.

I've watched way too many new breeders start out and end up constantly buying stock and adding colors. They end up with way too many colors before they even have gotten the basic understanding of how to evaluate and how to breed better animals. A breeding program with no focus ends up with too many animals, no betterment of your lines, and frustration on the part of the breeder. 

Posted by buckysbunnies at 1:07 PM EDT
Rabbits and Dental Disease Survey
Topic: Breeding Dwarfs

I did some research on rabbits and dental disease and was dismayed at the propaganda out there from "rescue" and their vets. Seems like every website and their mother's trash dwarf breeds making outlandish statements with nothing to back it up.

 So, I am doing a survey on rabbit teeth, I hope breeders will fill it out, after I run that I will ship around one for pet owners. In discussing teeth issues and dwarfs with other dwarf breeders we aren't seeing much in the way of true malocclusion. Yes there are issues with butting teeth but that corrects, not the same thing in my mind. 

 So the purpose of the survey is to get some raw data on what breeders are seeing, not just ND breeders but other breeds as well. No names will be published, I'm just looking for some raw data:

I'm hoping alot of breeders will take a few minutes to fill out the
following survey. I've spent the last few days reading all sorts of
things on-line about rabbits and teeth issues with very little concrete
to back it up and am hoping this survey will yield some real answers.
Feel free to pass copies around to others and crosspost on other lists.
Send replies to

Breed (if you raise multiple breeds please fill out a separate survey
for each):

Number of total offspring (please check your records for accurate
numbers, you can combine multiple yrs I'm trying to find out how many
babies out of a total number have malocclusion)

Number of those offspring who had true malocclsuion-lower jaw elongated
and lower teeth overlapping uppers-do not add in rabbits with butting teeth:

Number of rabbits with butting teeth:

What did you do with Rabbits with true malocclusion (put down, sold as
pets, etc):

How many adults have or had teeth problems in your herd and what are
they (ie butting teeth, true malocclusion, molar spurs):

Total number in the herd:


Do you feed a pellet based or a veggie w/ unlimited hay based diet?

What brand of pellet do you feed and where is it purchased:

Do you regularly feed hay if yes amount per day/week:

Posted by buckysbunnies at 1:02 PM EDT
Thursday, 19 June 2008
Why I won't hold Bunnies
Mood:  blue
Topic: Sales Policy

I've been breeding and showing NDs since 1996. For some strange reason I thought by now, 2008 it'd be a whole lot easier to sell the ones I don't need in my breeding program. Well it isn't.

This year I had a record number of breeders and pet owners promise to meet me at a show to get a rabbit and never show up. I do know that when people say they want a rabbit it doesn't mean they will actually show up to get one. So you have to do what works best for you and the bunnies.

 For me that best method is not to hold rabbits and not to take deposits. If I hold one often the person doesn't show up. If I take a deposit often the deposit doesn't show up. Like today I'm still waiting a good week probably over for a money order to arrive. I finally told the seond person in line it was theirs as soon as it hits weaning age.

At least as of today it appears they are still interested, usually you tell a pet owner that the one pictured may be sold and they go find someone else to buy from. Of course we don't have a date set so who knows what will happen.

 The end result is usually I'm stuck with a bunny and no home for it, and believe you me it isn't easy finding rabbits a home. 

So next time you wonder why a breeder won't answer 999 questions, or hold a bunny for you, etc think about our side. This is a hobby, we aren't doing it to supply people with pet rabbits nor even to supply other breeders with stock. We are busy and it's hard enough to find a good home for our culls. We have to be tough and have tough policies due to the number of people out there who like to play games with us. Hate to be this way but after being burned so many times by perspective buyers I have to just focus on the rabbits and doing right by them first and foremost.

Posted by buckysbunnies at 8:28 PM EDT

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