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Bucky's Bunny Barn Show Highlights

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Breed, Variety, & Group Wins

1997-2008: 211 Best Of Variety wins, 127 BOSV wins, 144 Best Of Group wins, 100 BOSG wins, 41 Best Of Breed wins, 35 BOSB wins, and 117 Quality Points.

2007 All Breed Show Wins: Bucky's Coupe BEST IN SHOW, Bucky's Luck Reserve In Show

2006 All Breed Show Wins: BD's Wild Thing BEST IN SHOW & Reserve in Show

Show News

2008 ARBA Convention Bucky's Resurgence won Best Sable Marten and Best Sable Marten Jr., Luck was 5th Sr otter doe, BD's Wild Thing and Bucky's Experience were 3rd and 5th Otter Sr buck in a class of 90!! Bucky's Escape was 4th jr siamese sable doe.

2007 I made the 100 Quality point Club! Yay-one of my long term goals accomplished!!

Bucky's Luck listed in ANDRC Top Dwarf list w/743 points, also listed BD's Wild Thing (466) Luck's sire

2007 ARBA Convention Results:

I only sent 2 and they both placed!! Bucky's Hurricane 4th out of 37 Otter Jr Doe & Bucky's Smoke 4th out of 12 Sia Smk Prl Jr Doe

2006 ANDRC Nationals:

4th siamese smoke pearl Jr Buck Bucky's Supernatural, 8th & 12th Otter Sr Buck (56) Bucky's Dean & Bucky's Winchester, 12th siamese sable Sr Buck (36) Bucky's Cash Included

2004 ARBA Convention

8th (23) siamese sable Sr Buck Bucky's Grand Slam, 8th Himmie Sr D Bucky's Garcia, 10th siamese sable jr buck & jr doe

2003 ANDRC National:

1st siamese sable jr doe Bucky's Playful; 4th himmie sr doe Bucky's Picture Perfect; 4th sable marten jr doe Bucky's 2C; 6th otter jr buck Bucky's Riverside; 12th himmie jr buck Bucky's Giambi

2000 ARBA Convention Results:

8th Himmie Sr Doe (Bucky's Rosemary) & 10th Jr Siamese Sable Buck (Bucky's Beukieboom)

ANDRC National Ranking Success

2007 5,177 sweep points 31 Quality points (as has been the case forever Pett the former chair has shorted my totals), (as of Jan 08 Dwarf Digest) 1st place quality points region 2, 4th sweepstakes, 10th national quality points (should be 9), 23rd national sweepstakes (should be 19th) Good riddance David Pett! :)

New England Region Success:

2001-2002 NENDRC 2nd sweepstake points
2003-2004 NENDRC 3rd sweepstake points
2004-2005 NENDRC 3rd sweepstake points
2006-2007 NENDRC 2nd sweepstake points