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Pictures & Descriptions of My Herd Does

As of Oct 2018 I brought in Netherland Dwarf Rabbits from Cole Simons, Mychelle Ritchel, Dylan LaRue, and Taja Wilde (Harebell Rabbitry).

Bucky's Ebony Black doe Bucky's Ebony black doe out of Bucky's Spun Sugar & Bucky's Coupe. She's only been to 2 shows, BOSG at both. 2011 ANDRC National 6th/22 Bucky's Hurricane 6 BOB winner and 4th jr otter doe at 2007 ARBA convention 7 GC legs
Bucky's Luck Multi BOB/BOSB winner Bucky's Luck 5 BOB wins '07 and 2 BOSB, 2007 ANDRC Top Dwarf w/ 13 GC legs Bucky's Spun Sugar Bucky's Spun Sugar out of Wild Thing and her mom Bucky's Impala a black doe out of Bucky's Dean
Bucky's 90B out of Bucky's In Stock & Bucky's ExL 9/10 Goshen CT she wins BOSB

Bucky's Denali 2 BOSB wins Fall 2010 Bucky's Siren Siamese Sable doe out of Bucky's Gourd & Adirondack's DJ I love this doe, small, typey, and what a nice head. Her first show she took a BOSG. She accumulated 6 legs and 3 BOSB by June 2010 And another sister, Bucky's Stable Income who at the first show took a BOSG. Siren & Stable's sister is Bucky's Muffin owned by Joe Watson, she won a BOB & a BOSB and earned more than 3 legs over Spring 2010
Bucky's Shock Exchange 5 GC legs