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Pictures & Descriptions of My Herd Bucks

My Otter program Bucks:

This is Bucky's Experience he's a champion with 10 GC legs and 5 Best of Breed wins. 2008 ARBA Convention 5th out of 91. 2011 ANDRC Nationals 4th out of 76 Bucky's Premium 6 GC legs same breeding as Bucky's ExL. 2011 ANDRC National 10th out of 76 Bucky's Champ born July 13 2010
Bucky's No Retreat opal brood buck

As of Oct 2018 I brought in Netherland Dwarf Rabbits from Cole Simons, Mychelle Ritchel, Dylan LaRue, and Taja Wilde (Harebell Rabbitry).